My Own Blog Assessment

My Own Blog Assessment

For my blog, I chose the theme ‘Journalistic’, I chose this as it had the ideal layout for my tasks. It featured the ‘F shape’ layout that I desired in order to create an easy to navigate web blog. The centre creates for the locating of primary information such as new blog posts, and the margin is there for navigation purposes. Also, the blog posts fonts to the right of the home page are purposefully larger than on the left to create intensity and lead the reader in the correct direction. For each blog post, the gaze is direct and the image is placed right at the beginning with the text to follow. There is also room for comments on the overall homepage, or individual blog posts allowing for reader/writer interaction. In addition to interaction, I have also added hyperlinks to the images used within the blog posts and pages so the reader can navigate to the secondary resources I used. I have also incorporated illumination and brightness into my homepage using an image of a starry sky juxtaposed next to a bright white background in order to get the readers attention.

In terms of customisation, I was able to personalise this blog in which ever way I wanted. I could create my own taglines, change the background and text colours, and even add all my social media URL links. WordPress really allows you to make it feel like your very own webpage with only a small WordPress stamp at the bottom of each page. The downfall of this, is that as a beginner these things were hard to find and use. I believe WordPress could benefit from offering their own step by step tutorial that pops up on the screen to help.

In contrast, there are some constraints to my blog and in particular the platform I have used, WordPress. For someone that is a beginner in web page design, this platform as a whole is difficult to get a hang of. After playing around with it for a few hours, you can get the general feel for it and how to add posts and pages but other than that, I found I had to use YouTube for tutorials on how to add categories, tags etc. I would also probably reconsider the theme I chose and instead chose one that intensified the name of my blog and the about me page as these are fairly hard to find, and you would usually have these as the first thing to reader can see.

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